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dot dev

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Like many others, I recently rushed to get hold of one of the brand new dot dev domains waiting for them to become available via Google Domains. I didn’t really have a plan for what I’d do with whatever domains I picked up but just knew I wanted and I’ve been using aranw as my go-to username for a few years now along with some others but I wanted to be the first to get and use that as my main domain. After a bit of drama with Google Domains going down and also charging me twice, I ended up getting the domains I wanted. Great! Now, what do I do with them? I’ve tried a few times in the past to do a blog and always had issues, whether it’s related to tooling, hosting and/or commitment to writing on it, I wanted to try again.

So here is my latest website, and blog. I’ve decided to use as the primary domain and other domains I own will ultimately get configured to redirect to this domain. For technology, I’ve gone super simple and decided to use Hugo to statically generate the content with hosting provided by Netlify. This has to be probably the simplest solution I’ve done and the easiest. At the moment I’ve made this blog closed source but will ultimately make it open source on my GitHub.